Blaze Fitness guarantees to provide you with the most up to date research in the areas of strength training, cardio vascular fitness and nutrition.  We are dedicated to providing the latest research and training techniques to help you to work smart and rapidly improve.  Evidence-based training philosophies are employed in areas including powerlifting, Olympic lifting, functional training, yoga, Pilates, form running drills, and rejuvenation therapy.

Our cardiovascular exercise strategy is based on the best research in the industry to provide you with strategies that work, and our nutrition information is based on real results from real people that are effective balanced and wellness oriented.

Another area included in the Blaze Fitness arsenal is the most powerful exercise of all, the ability to sit and be.  Meditation provides us with the opportunity to develop not only strong muscles but a strong spirit.  Smart science and expert application is what you can expect from Blaze Fitness.

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