Exercise is a touchstone for achieving a variety of positive life goals.  Exercise has been proven to be good for us in a variety of ways. We are fully aware that exercise is a necessary component to our overall well-being… yet we often neglect our regular exercise routine. The decision to neglect exercise reflects an “out of balance” condition.

Recognizing this condition and dealing with the root causes is critical to achieving our potential.  Our core philosophy is that balance is achieved when we analyze our decisions, recognize the consequences of our decisions, and train ourselves to make more positive decisions around an active lifestyle.  Executing our realistic and simple 1-2-3 Strategy will train you to achieve balance in your fitness which can translate to better balance in your life. Our 1-2-3 Strategy is your weekly plan to:

  • 1 Day To Develop Your Nutrition Plan for the Week

    • Fuel your metabolism by eating small protein-based snacks between meals.
    • Use good portion control.
    • Make consistent choices and take out the guess-work from meal to meal.
  • 2 Days Per Week of Strength Training

    • Always lift with good posture.
    • Make your body your machine and hit big muscle groups first.
    • Train optimally:  Something is better than nothing.
  • 3 Days Per Week of Cardiovascular Fitness Training

    • 20 minutes of continuous exercise for benefits to cardiac tissue.
    • 40-60 minutes for weight loss.
    • Vary the intensity of cardio workouts and always have one “easy” day per week.

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