If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it, and if you don’t manage it, you are accountable to nobody.  This is a recipe for failure.  Blaze Fitness works with you to create a personal accountability program based on our professional assessment of your current state of fitness and nutrition habits.  By carefully assessing your current state, we can create a personalized plan to move you closer to your desired goals and give you a set of measurements and objectives to keep you personally accountable.

Your Personal Accountability Program will consist of:

  • A written assessment of your fitness and nutrition habits
  • A customized nutrition plan designed to help you achieve your desired goals
  • A fitness program designed around your personal needs consisting of either:
    • Personal Training – Individualized instruction to teach the core philosophies, principles, and movements needed for your fitness success.
    • Group Training – Using the core capabilities in a group training environment to provide camaraderie and additional accountability for your fitness needs
    • Team Training – Team training is the ideal goal of the Blaze Fitness model.   Team training provides accountability not only to a coach but also to a team of individuals who are networked and supportive to one another, culturing a community of like-minded individuals with common purpose.

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